Checklist: Outdoor Cooking Equipment

Thank you to everyone who participated in our little Instagram poll yesterday. We were so overwhelmed with everyone's response! Your feedback was epic to say the least, thank you so much! One thing that a few people had in common was wanting to cook outdoors more, but not sure where to start. Specifically, what equipment you needed and where to get it from. Well, this is where we can help!


Smor Kitchen Outdoor Cooking Equipment Checklist

Smor Kitchen Outdoor Cooking Equipment Checklist



  • Portable gas stove. We've had our two stove burner from Primus Outdoor for a couple of years now and it's as good as it gets. It's definitely more on the expensive side but the quality is top notch. If you're looking for something a bit cheaper and more of an introductory portable stove for outdoor cooking, BCF has a great selection to choose from.
Extra Trip: Make sure you get a two burner portable stove. You'll be surprised how much you'll need two burners. 
Primus Outdoor Portable Gas Stove
  • Gas bottle. You'll need to buy some for your portable stove. We get our little 2kg gas bottle refilled BCF as we use it often, but if you're just starting out, this gas bottle (pictured below) from BCF is perfect. And remember to bring matches or a fire lighter to light the gas stove.

Portable gas bottle BCF


  • Cookware. Setting yourself up with a cookware set is ideal and a set that you only use for cooking outdoors. But if you're new to outdoor cooking, all you need isa medium size saucepan and a fry pan. Cast iron is best but there is nothing wrong with using your kitchen cookware. We use a saucepan from our kitchen, but take our frying pan seriously. We love cast iron and have this one (pictured below) from BCF and recently got this gold Satin 26cm Wrought Iron Skillet (pictured second below) from Solid Teknics. We also have this billie from BCF for brewing hot water for tea and coffee. If we don't feel like taking our billie, we use this from Avanti. If you're starting out, the skillet from BCF if perfect but if you're looking for high quality, Australian made and owned, Solid Teknics is where it's at. We also have this Pyrolux Pyrocast Iron Square Grill Pan, which is excellent for grilling and getting those delicious char lines on your food.

BCF Campfire Cast Iron Skillet

Solid Teknics Satin 26cm

Pyrolux Pyrocast Iron Square Grill Pan


  • Utensils. When it comes to utensils, you actually don't need much! One sharp knife, a wooden spoon (we highly recommend this one), a wooden spatula (we highly recommend this one pictured below) and a pair of tongs is all you need. Avoid using metal spoons and spatulas as they may scratch your cookware. To keep all of your utensils together, a utility roll (pictured below) is an excellent investment. 

Smor Kitchen Wooden Spatula

Smor Kitchen Waxed Canvas Utility Roll


  • Dinnerware. Basic cutlery, and an enamel dinner set is all you need when cooking outdoors. Enamel is durable, lightweight, and strong. It's oven safe, freezer friendly, dishwasher safe, can be cleaned by washing gently with a mild detergent an is suitable for your portable gas stove. We highly recommend this enamel plate set, and these enamel mugs. When it comes to cleaning, all you need is a plastic tub, gentle dish was liquid and this dish brush
Smor Kitchen Enamel Plate Set
Smor Kitchen Enamel Mugs


  • Dining. Depending on where you are enjoying your meal, you may or may not need a table and chairs. Should you need a table, BCF have an excellent range of foldable tables - we have this one. In terms of chairs, any camp chair is perfect or cushions if you're eating on the ground. 


The best thing about getting your checklist sorted is that once you have everything, you don't need to buy anything else. Everything in this list is durable, tough, long lasting and functional. We hope this list helps! Please feel free to leave a comment below if you have any questions or if there is anything else you think we should add to this list. The joy of food is like none other, and the joy of cooking outdoors with family and friends makes your food taste even better!


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