How To Create A More Organised Home

There is something special about starting a new year by organising your home. We built and moved into our home over 3 years ago and we are still learning how to live in it better. It's a work in progress as the kids grow up, and how we use our home and garden changes as we evolve as a family. Obviously it's easy to get rid of things you no longer need, but it's a lot more difficult to figure out how best to organise the things you do need. To help you keep your home organised, we're excited to share our top tips to help you create a more organised home.





Organise Your Pantry

Towards the end of last year, we finally organised our pantry. It was in need of some serious help as the "throw it in and deal with it later" method was getting out of control. We were wasting a lot of food simply for the fact that we couldn't see food properly in the pantry, or access it easily. Yup, we admit we had a lot of pantry wastage last year. A few months ago, we had had enough. We decided to organise our pantry by taking charge and setting aside some time to get it done. Here is what we did:

  • Start by clearing out the pantry completely and seeing what you have left over.
  • Throw out any old or out of date items, and take a look at what you really need and will use.
  • Measure your pantry and get storage jars, containers and baskets that will fit your pantry.
  • Put all of your food items in the storage jars, containers or baskets, and label where possible.
  • Labele the lids of the glass jars so the non perishable are now easy to identify and quickly grab from the pantry. We used this Dymo label maker from Officeworks. Depending on your pantry, you may want to label the side of the jars.
Using better pantry storage has been a complete game changer and we can say, 3 months on, our pantry is still looking just as good as it did when we organised it - obviously our new system works!


Organise Your Books

If you're anything like us, then you'll love buying books. We shudder to think how much we spend on Booktopia... Books are definitely one area you can organise.

  1. First, get all of your books together and allocate them into three piles - keep, share, and donate. Keep the books you want to cherish forever, share the books with your Book Club mates or friends who love to read, and donate the rest to your local charity shop.
  2. With the books you keep, organise them by author surname, binder colour, height, or genre. The method is yours to choose and experiment with over time to see what works for you best. 
Last year we renovated our kitchen and installed floating shelves, which means we are now able to keep our favourite cookbooks in the kitchen. However, we soon discovered that they kept falling over. No doubt you have also experienced this problem. The solution? Bookends. We've never used them before, but once we got them for the shelves in the kitchen, we bought more for our bedroom and studio. They've been a life changer! Here are the ones we bought from Officeworks. 


Organise Your Shoes

We cannot stand shoes being left around the house. When you have two kids and work from home, tripping over shoes (and toys) is very annoying. Our best advice? Stop leaving them at the entryway of your home, whether that's by the front door, garage or back door. Seeing piles of shoes as soon as you step into your home creates a cluttered feeling and does not put you in a great state of mind. After a lot of trial and error, we keep our shoes in two places. In a bucket in the boot of our car and in our wardrobe. We've found as soon as we get in the car to go home, taking our shoes off and putting them in the bucket in the car has been monumental for keeping our shoes organised. That way we have one less thing to deal with when we get home (especially with two kids and bags of groceries). You may have to run from the boot to the car door barefoot in summer or winter, but that will take two seconds. Alternatively, take your shoes off in the car when you get home then simply pop them in the boot. We use these flexi storage bins from Bunnings - we have 4 in each of our cars, 3 in our laundry and a few more in our garage. These have been an incredible addition to staying organised (and neat).


Organise Your Underwear

Hi guys, Jaharn here! Working full time on two businesses while having a baby at home with me full time (plus a toddler as well) was really starting to affect my mental health last year. One thing that was making me feel a lot better was having an organised home. I noticed it created a lot of calm in my headspace and it was something I could control, even if everything around me felt like it was falling apart. I decided to start small and I began by simply organising my underwear drawer. It sounds ridiculous, but this small act of organisation set off something inside me and I spent the rest of the year focusing on one area of the house each month. 8s month on and I can say that my underwear drawer is still organised and tidy. Here's what I did:

  1. I started by taking all of my underwear out of the drawer and diving them into two piles - keep and throw.
  2. You do not need 25 bras. Trust me. I culled my bras down to 3 day bras (you don't need to wash your bra after one day of use, unless you're doing something hot and sweaty), 3 bed bras and 2 strapless bras.
  3. I got rid of all my undies with holes and over stretched elastic, and stocked up on brand new ones.
  4. While I don't think you need 25 bras, I am a fan of at least 25 pairs of undies at the very least. I exercise every day and swim at the beach most days too, so I can use 3 pairs of undies a day; it's practical to have more.
  5. Once you have finished culling, divine your underwear into likeness - bras, undies, singlets and bike pants. This is where you need to learn the absolute imperative art of folding your undies and bras. When I organised my underwear drawer last year, for the first time in my life, I decided I was going to start folding my underwear. Oh my goodness I cannot tell you how taking just a few quick minutes every week has saved me SO MUCH TIME throughout the week. It has changed my life. I highly recommend folding in front of the television, or listening to a podcast (which is my go to method) and getting it done.
  6. Following this, every category has it's own place in one drawer and this doesn't change, so when I need to grab something quickly, I know where it is and I don't even bat an eyelash (or break out in a stress sweat). 


Organise Your Wallet

Your wallet often gets forgotten about when you're doing an organisation overhaul, but it's an item we see and use every single day. Over time we've created and implemented a few little systems that have been super effective. We keep an envelope in our car for petrol receipts, so each quarter when we need to do our tax, we simply take all of the petrol receipts out in one swoop. We keep only the cards we really need in our wallet. We need to keep receipts for work so every week, we take them out of our wallet and put them into our receipt folder for safe keeping until tax time every quarter. And it's really as simple as that! 



Organise Your Wardrobe & Linen Cupboard

There is so much information online about organising your wardrobe and linen cupboard, so we won't go into too much detail here other than share just a few tips we've learned over the years and how it's helped us to keep these areas organised.


  • Sort your clothes into three categories - keep, donate or throw. 
  • Use the same coat hangers
  • Sort your clothes into seasons - summer and winter. Swap your wardrobes out when a new season comes about.
  • Fold don't throw clothes into your wardrobe by using our "organise in the moment" method (more on that below).

Linen Cupboard

  • Sort your linen into three categories - keep, donate or throw.
  • Following this, sort your items into categories - towels, sheets, craft, decorations/events (such as birthdays, Christmas, parties, Easter). 
  • Place your towels on one dedicated level, and do the same with your sheets.
  • Put all of your craft and decorations into clear plastic containers and label them.


Organise In The Moment

Absolutely none of the above will work for you unless you get it done in the moment. We are still working on this as life throws a lot in our direction, and sometimes we simply don't have enough time in the moment to get it done. But making a conscience decision to work on organising in the moment to the best of our ability has been extremely effective. One area that we have failed miserably in the past in our garage storage. When we get home from the beach, as an example, we used to throw all the wet towels over the storage shelves in the garage. Wrappers and takeaway coffee cups would be chucked anywhere, shoes would get lost and we could never find anything when we needed when we wanted to go to the beach the following day. Over the last few months we have been really focused on organising in the moment in the garage and we now have a much better system. When we get home from the beach, we bring everything up to our laundry/mud room and hang everything there to dry. We put all hats, sunscreen and zinc into one of our flexi storage bins in the laundry allocated for beach trips. When the towels and swimwear is dry, we also put them into the same bin. When we're ready to go to the beach again, we simply take everything out of the bucket and put it in the car. Now we no longer have lost swimsuits, hats, sunscreen and towels. By using our "organising in the moment" method, it's transformed our home (and we don't have any fights when we go to the beach anymore - lol).


One Final Tip

Have a flexi storage bin in your garage, and use it as a mini garbage bin. Seriously. The amount of rubbish that you can collect in a car (especially when you have kids) is astounding; takeaway coffee cups, wrappers, plastic bags, receipts, shopping tags, yoghurt much! We now have a flexi storage bin by the door of our garage and when we take the bin out each week, we empty this as well. This new system means our cars are perpetually tidy and we aren't bringing more rubbish into the house. Hurrah!


Ps. If you end up implementing some of our tips, remember to tag us on Instagram @smorkitchen #smorkitchen. We would love to see how you have created a more organised home for 2021!