Make this 5 minute DIY Mini Christmas Wreath

Hands up if you're time poor this month? With busy children, all those last minute deadlines at work, sorting out the Christmas shopping, organising Christmas Day with your family, and putting up the Christmas tree, who has time to make a really big wreath? This year, we certainly didn't.  

Our neighbour has the most beautiful garden; it’s filled with vegetables, herbs and fruit trees. There are also two olive trees the line our common fence and they are thriving so much they have started growing over the fence onto our side. We were gardening a few weeks ago, pulling weeds out (those normal weekend jobs) and I looked up at the olive branches and thought, I should make some mini leaf wreaths for Dusty. And that’s what I did.

This DIY project is as simple as it can get. It literally takes 5 minutes - perfect, you say! You can also use any other greenery you have in your backyard (or your neighbours have wink wink). Read on for the materials (there are only three!) and simple steps.


DIY Mini Christmas Wreath

Smor Store DIY Mini Christmas Wreath 


  • Olive leaf branches
  • Rope
  • Scissors


DIY Mini Christmas Wreath



  1. Using your scissors, cut your small branches. I found the straight olive leaf branches of roughly the same size and greenery were best.
  2. Curve each branch around to form the shape of a circle, then knot and tie a bow around the ends (where the ends meet).

And that’s it! You can totally make a much bigger one to hang on your door using a mix of greenery, Christmas decorations, ribbon and more. All you need is a hook to hang the wreath off!