What I'll be making this Christmas

Did someone say October? Wow, when did that happen? I don't know about you but it's got me deep into Christmas planning. Call me a Christmas prepper, call me crazy - I am not mad about it at all. Every year I love to create an DIY Advent Calendar for the kids, beautiful table settings, and an edible gift for guests. I also love to make my own Christmas decorations and wreaths, so this year I'm excited to share all the Christmas things, because why not? The last two years really have been something so some festive cheers is definitely what we need. Read on to find out what I'll be DIY'ing this Christmas.

What I'll be DIY'ing this Christmas What I'll be DIY'ing this Christmas


Kids Advent Calendar

Since Dusty was 2, I've made him an Advent Calendar.  I have to admit, the first couple of years he didn't get it. He was just so young. But last year he was obsessed. Seeing the joy on his face every morning during December was the most amazing feeling, and it's this feel that has got me excited to think creatively and make a fresh Advent Calendar for him. But things are a little different this year because Celeste will almost be 2 and she's ready. I'll make one Advent Calendar but I'll have to think about what I can do for their little daily gift. 50 gifts no matter how small or inexpensive they are will add up, so I have my thinking cap on and I'm excited to see what I'll end up creating. 


Beautiful Table Settings 

It's no surprise I love styling a beautiful tablescape. And this year, I'll be styling not one, not two, but three tablescapes! Each will have a totally different aesthetic, and I hope they bring you lots of joy and inspiration for Christmas Day. I'll be mixing old with new, with a sprinkling of flowers, greenery and DIYs of course. 


Edible Gifting

Last year I decided to give my friends an edible gift to each of my friends at our annual Christmas Feast. Usually I buy something small but seeing as I love to cook, it seemed only natural to create an edible gift. Last year I made Homemade Salted Caramel and gifted it to my friends in small glass jars wrapped in cotton rope. It was a very simple yet memorable gift. This year, I've got another idea in mind and I am so excited!


Sustainable Wreaths

Our front door is not visible from our street, so when I've made a wreath each year we've lived here it makes me sad that our neighbours can't see it. Our guests usually walk around the side of our house when they come over, so they don't get to see it either. And it got me thinking. We spent a huge amount of time on our front deck and now that it's been transformed into a lounge area with a new outdoor kitchen, I've decided to create a bit of a wreath moment out there. There's a lot happening over the next few weeks to get the kitchen installed, so I am hoping to share my idea for a sustainable Christmas Wreath with you very soon. 


Sustainable Christmas Decorations 

I am madly in love with traditional Christmas trees. While it would be nice to have a real tree, a few years a go we bought a very lush (fake) Christmas tree with fairy lights installed. A traditional looking Christmas tree brings so much joy and nostalgia, and this year I'm excited to show you how to make your own sustainable DIY Christmas Decorations including stars and baubles using toilet rolls, paper, cardboard and paper bags. Stay tuned!


And there's more...

I also have a few other projects in the works, which I can't tell you about right not. But As always, I will be cooking and sharing lots of easy, delicious and simple recipes you can make at home throughout the festive season and Christmas Day. I have 9 recipes I'll be sharing...maybe more! 


What I'll be DIY'ing this Christmas What I'll be DIY'ing this Christmas

What I'll be DIY'ing this Christmas What I'll be DIY'ing this Christmas

What I'll be DIY'ing this Christmas What I'll be DIY'ing this Christmas