Coal Charred Corn

A little while ago we ventured down to one of our favourite spots along the Noosa River and cooked Fish Tacos on our portable coal BBQ. We also charred cobs of corn and thought we would share how to do this! The sweet and smoky flavour of charred corn cobs is like nothing else. And it's so easy to accomplish, all you need is three ingredients. So let's get started.


Smor Kitchen Coal Charred Corn Recipe



  • Cobs of corn, with the husks on
  • Butter
  • Flaky sea salt 



Quick Green Sriracha Mayo

  • Green Sriracha sauce, you can get this from Coles
  • Mayonaise, any will do - vegan or normal 
  • Optional: Squeeze of fresh lemon juice 



  • Light the natural lump charcoal using your fire lighter (match or stick) and natural fire starter. You'll need to wait for at least 30 minutes to an hour for the lump charcoal to form hot coals. This is why this method is excellent for cooking outdoors. Alternatively, you can char your corn cobs using a traditional BBQ or over the flames of your kitchen gas stove top.
  • Peel back the corn husks and tie them with the cotton rope or twine. Don't use anything synthetic when cooking with flames or coal. 
  • Brush the corn cobs with melted butter or rub butter into the corn cobs using your fingers. Season with salt.
  • Place the corn cobs over the coals on the wire rack. Make sure to leave the husks hanging over the edge so they don't burn. It's ok if they char a bit though.
  • Rotate the corn cobs until you get a nice char across the entire surface. 
  • Take the corn off the BBQ and brush or rub in more butter.
  • To serve, leave as is or add some freshly squeezed lemon all over, or drizzle our Quick Green Sriracha Mayo on top.
  • Enjoy!


Smor Kitchen Coal Charred Corn Recipe

Smor Kitchen Coal Charred Corn Recipe