Hip Hip Hooray Carrot Cake

Is there anything better than Carrot Cake on your birthday? Yes, there is. It's this velvety Hip Hip Hooray Carrot Cake, which has been lovingly blanketed with a luscious lemony cream cheese icing and topped with edible daisies! This year I decided to make my own birthday cake and I wasn't even mad about it. This incredibly moist Carrot Cake is one of my "go to" recipes because it's dead easy - you simply mix the dry ingredients with the wet ingredients, and bake it in the oven before allowing it to cool and then icing it. There's no complicated step by step recipe here. And that's why I love making this Carrot Cake.  


Hip-Hip-Hooray-Carrot-Cake_Smor-Kitchen-Jaharn-Quinn Hip-Hip-Hooray-Carrot-Cake_Smor-Kitchen-Jaharn-Quinn


Why you are going to love this recipe

As I mentioned above, this is not a complicated recipe. You simply mix your dry ingredients with your wet ingredients, and bake it in the oven. This cake also only has one layer, so you only need one cake tin and there aren't multiple baking situations happening here. Hurrah! 

I also prefer to use a hell of a lot less sugar in my cake recipes than most. I don't have a particularly strong sweet tooth and I find the quantity of sugar in cake recipes to be OTT. So, you'll be delighted to know that this recipe has hardly any added sugar in it. Hurrah! 

You can also "choose your own adventure" with this recipe by making it with or without the pecans and walnuts. And while I am not a fan of adding sultanas in Carrot Cake, you can easily add half a cup and it won't affect the recipe or baking time. 

The lemony cream cheese icing is so simply and delicious and silky smooth. You don't need to be an icing artist either. Simply pour it on top and smooth it over and down the sides with a silicone spatula or a butter knife. 

If you're a little bit extra like me, add a herbal note to this velvety smooth Carrot Cake by topping the icing with edible daisies. I initially bought a bunch of Easter Daisies from my local fruit and vegetable shop Tewantin Market Garden to put in a vase at home, but realised I could use these to top my birthday cake.  They add an incredible savoury yet herbal flavour to this subtly sweet Carrot Cake. 

You're also going to love this recipe because this year I decided to slice it a little differently using wine glasses, which you can see here. This adds a lot of fun and drama to the more traditional ways of cutting a cake, and I think you're going to love it! 


Hip-Hip-Hooray-Carrot-Cake_Smor-Kitchen-Jaharn-Quinn Hip-Hip-Hooray-Carrot-Cake_Smor-Kitchen-Jaharn-Quinn 


A little note from me

Thank you so much for taking the time to read through this recipe. I hope you enjoyed reading it and making this velvety Hip Hip Hooray Carrot Cake for your birthday, or maybe one of your friends or families birthdays! Heck, you don't even need the excuse of a birthday to make it. I know a lot of you are doing it tough in lockdown, so consider this your Lockdown Saviour Carrot Cake. If you love this recipe, you can also stay in touch with me by following along on Instagram and Pinterest where I share lots of recipes and DIY projects every week. If you have any questions or want to say hello, I'd love to hear from you! Write to me at jaharn@smorkitchen.com. Happy cooking, happy DIY'ing!


Hip-Hip-Hooray-Carrot-Cake_Smor-Kitchen-Jaharn-Quinn Hip-Hip-Hooray-Carrot-Cake_Smor-Kitchen-Jaharn-Quinn