How to make fluffy homemade Sourdough Crumpets

Want to learn how to make fluffy homemade Sourdough Crumpets? Well, you're in the right place. Yay! These Sourdough Crumpets are everything you have dreamed of - they are crisp on the outside, soft on the inside. They are fluffy, thick and just the right amount of melt-in-your-mouth delicious. They are so amazing that every time I make them, I eat the first one completely PLAIN. Uh huh. No butter, no honey, nothing. They are that good. And I regret nothing. This is the stuff weekend dreams are made of. 


How to make fluffy homemade Sourdough Crumpets How to make fluffy homemade Sourdough Crumpets 



What is sourdough starter? 

Sourdough starter is cultivated wild yeast that is in a form we can use for baking.


How does sourdough starter work?

You add plain flour and water to the starter, and as the microbes eat the sugars in the flour, they exhale carbon dioxide, producing the billowy bubbles. When you see these beautiful bubbles, it means the sourdough starter is ready to use to make light and fluffy sourdough bread. Because sourdough starter is "living", it needs to be "fed" with equal parts flour and water every week. You can watch this process here where I share my experience with getting the sourdough starter, started.


Is sourdough starter the same as yeast? 

No, while yeast is almost always ready to use, sourdough starter is not. 


Are they sugar free?

Yes! My recipe for these delicious Sourdough Crumpets is sugar free. But that's not including the honey I lavished all over them just before eating them all in these photos :)


How to make fluffy homemade Sourdough Crumpets How to make fluffy homemade Sourdough Crumpets


Crumpets are definitely having a moment here in Australia, and I've seen a few packs floating around at markets and fruit shops, but they are really expensive. I have also seen a lot of iterations but truthfully, I haven't seen many sourdough crumpets. So I thought, why not make some?

In order to have crumpets with sourdough, you need to begin with a sourdough starter. Last month I bought some sourdough starter from Noosa Sourdough Co; I was curious after seeing it at a few local fruit shops and decided to buy it. I have always wanted to make sourdough bread, but like so many people before me and probably you too, I have been very intimidated by the process because it seems so daunting and complex. Instead of starting with bread, I wanted to dip my toes into the world of sourdough with something a little easier. Hello Sourdough Crumpets! If you have been following along on Instagram lately, you'll know I have been testing my recipe. It's perfect if you've never made sourdough but have wanted to give it a go with a simple and easy sourdough recipe. 


How to make fluffy homemade Sourdough Crumpets How to make fluffy homemade Sourdough Crumpets


What you'll need:

  • An airtight container (must have a lid)
  • Kitchen scales
  • Pan
  • 8 x non-stick egg rings (will make 4 crumpets at a time)
  • Tongs


Very Important Note

Your sourdough starter is a living product, so each week you need to "feed" the sourdough starter with at least 50g plain flour and 50g water. Think of it as watering a plant. You water an indoor plant once a week, so you feed your sourdough starter once a week with equal parts plain flour and water. 


How to make fluffy homemade Sourdough Crumpets How to make fluffy homemade Sourdough Crumpets


I hope I have encouraged you to step into the world of sourdough and dip your toes into making these deliciously fluffy homemade Sourdough Crumpets. Let's get baking! And if you love my recipe (fingers crossed), I would love you to leave a 5 star rating below. Huge thank you's in advance! And did you know? You can also stay in touch with me by following along on Instagram and Pinterest.




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