Outdoor Cooking: French Toast with Blueberries and Pistachios

Toast, but Frenchie! I’m throwing you a dessert recipe today because I want you to catch it, and fall in love with it. This French Toast is soft yet crispy, sweet yet savoury, with pistachios for some crunch and blueberries for some fruity sparkle.

Best of all? It has four ingredients (bread, eggs, milk, butter) and it’s so easy to make. Just add your toppings (maple syrup, blueberries, pistachios) and it’s a flavour bomb of everything you’ve dreamed of for breakfast. 


Smor Kitchen French Toast With Blueberries And Pistachios Recipe
Smor Kitchen French Toast With Blueberries And Pistachios Recipe


As you guys know, we love cooking outdoors. There's something really special about setting up our portable gas stove and cooking one of our favourite meals in the beautiful sunshine.

Last weekend we decided to pack the car early in the morning, and head north to one of our favourite spots to cook breakfast - French Toast with Blueberries and Pistachios. It was a little chaotic with our newborn Celeste and our toddler Dusty but we'd prefer that it being a bit of hard work than sitting at home having the same struggles.


French-Toast-With-Bluebrries-and-Pistachios-Smor-Kitchen French-Toast-With-Bluebrries-and-Pistachios-Smor-Kitchen


You might be surprised to learn that French Toast is actually really easy to make - all you need is four ingredients. You simply whisk 4 eggs in a large bowl with a fork, then stir in milk. Following this you dip each slice of bread into the egg and milk mixture, then cook the dunked bread in a pan on medium to high heat with a knob of butter. You repeat this step for every slice of French Toast you want to eat, then add your toppings before serving. For this recipe, I decided to add pistachios for some crunch and blueberries for some fruity sparkle.

There are lots of other flavour combinations you can make to give your French Toast a glow up, and the next one I would love to try is fruit bread with coconut milk topped with macadamia nuts, maple syrup and pear compote. 

French-Toast-With-Blueberries-and-Pistachios-Smor-Kitchen-Jaharn-Quinn French-Toast-With-Blueberries-and-Pistachios-Smor-Kitchen-Jaharn-Quinn French-Toast-With-Blueberries-and-Pistachios-Smor-Kitchen-Jaharn-Quinn French-Toast-With-Blueberries-and-Pistachios-Smor-Kitchen-Jaharn-Quinn 
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