Pasta alla Vodka with Crisp Baby Capers and Basil

Pasta alla Vodka, Jaharn style. Last year Gigi Hadid broke the internet with her Pasta alla Vodka recipe and I can confirm - it's very, very good. Like lick your spoon and close your eyes kind of good. It's zingy, it's creamy, and it's oh so delicious.

What makes this pasta so good? Shallots and garlic have been softened down to infuse the olive oil it's been shallow fried in on a low and slow heat. Next up comes the tomato paste. It's fried like a curry paste with the garlic and shallots, until it's caramelised and darkened in colour. At that perfect moment, thick cream is poured into the pan with a splash of vodka and lashings of pasta water. The cream mellows the richness from the caramelised tomato paste, but the real hero is the vodka, which adds a zingy citrus element to the entire dish. 


Pasta-alla-Vodka-Crisp-Capers-Basil-Recipe-Smor-Kitchen-Jaharn-Quinn Pasta-alla-Vodka-Crisp-Capers-Basil-Recipe-Smor-Kitchen-Jaharn-Quinn


And it doesn't stop there. Dried chilli flakes are sprinkled into the sauce to bring another mouth watering flavour combination - the spice is needed and it takes the sauce to completely new heights. When the pasta is ready, the sauce is put ever so lightly back on the heat and a large knob of butter is added and whisked into the sauce until it's melted through, all for a final creamy kick. 


Pasta-alla-Vodka-Crisp-Capers-Basil-Recipe-Smor-Kitchen-Jaharn-Quinn Pasta-alla-Vodka-Crisp-Capers-Basil-Recipe-Smor-Kitchen-Jaharn-Quinn


Never will you see a sauce so gorgeous; the vodka and the butter add a lick of gloss that totally compliments this dish like nothing you've seen before. Garnished with basil leaves (and parmesan if you want a more enriched flavour), I decided to add another kick with crisp salty fried baby capers. To me, this punch of salt creates another rich layer of complexity that will leave you talking about this pasta for months to come. And best of all? It's super was to make and you'll no doubt already have all of the ingredients in your pantry and fridge. 


Pasta-alla-Vodka-Crisp-Capers-Basil-Recipe-Smor-Kitchen-Jaharn-Quinn Pasta-alla-Vodka-Crisp-Capers-Basil-Recipe-Smor-Kitchen-Jaharn-Quinn 




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