Recipe: Outback S'Mores

It's no secret we love cooking, and we love cooking outdoors. When we go camping, or even when we're at home sitting outside around our fire pit, our go-to snack is our Outback S'mores. They are so easy and quick to make! Now, the ratio of chocolate to marshmallow to biscuit has been the one thing we've been testing over and over; it's important that the chocolate isn't too thick because you want the toasted marshmallow to melt at least half of the chocolate. We finally perfected our S'Mores last winter and can't believe we haven't shared this recipe with you yet. We hope you enjoy! 


Smor Store Outback S'Mores Recipe 



  • A large block of dark chocolate, approximately 2 squares of Lindt 90% Cocoa Dark Chocolate per S'More.
  • A large packet of marshmallows. We love Pascall Marshmallows as the quality is really good; we don't like big, airy marshmallows.
  • Plain biscuits. We use McVitie's Original Digestive Biscuits. A S'More is really sweet so it's essential that your biscuit is fairly plain/bland, and not soft or too crumbly. 
  • Flaked sea salt. We really love Maldon Sea Salt. 



  • A source of fire/flame to toast your marshmallows. A campfire, an outdoor fire pit or a gas stove top are totally perfect.
  • If you are toasting your marshmallows over a campfire or an outdoor fire pit, a long clean stick from a tree is best. If you're toasting over gas flames from your stove top, long skewers are perfect.



  • Place your ingredients onto a big plate or chopping board.
  • Prep your S'Mores by lining up three or four biscuits with pieces of chocolate on top. Sprinkle the chocolate with a little bit of flaked sea salt. 
  • Toast two marshmallows at a time using your stick or skewer. Hold the marshmallow over the heat about 2 inches from the flame, turning occasionally for up to 1 to 2 minutes.
  • Once the outside of your marshmallow is charred, place the marshmallow on top of your biscuit with chocolate. Then place another biscuit on top of the marshmallow, then pull your stick or skewer out of the marshmallow. You should be holding the finished S'More in your hand.
  • Pass around to your family and friends so they can enjoy their S'More while it's still warm and gooey.
  • Then make s'more! 


Smor Store Outback S'Mores Recipe

Smor Store Outback S'Mores Recipe