Thai Coconut Mussels With Toasted Coriander & Garlic Buttered Sourdough

I am so excited to introduce you to the best mussels EVER. I never make a claim like that, so I want you to take it seriously. With spring just around the corner here in Australia, I can't stopping thinking about making seafood recipes. I love Thai flavours because they're so punchy and fragrant. And these mussels are just so good, and quick, and simple. The thing is, I am well aware mussels are usually the kind of food we only eat at restaurants. They seem fancy and not something we would usually cook at home. But not anymore. These Thai Coconut Mussels are possibly one of the easiest seafood recipes to make at home. They're as simple as throwing the mussels into a pot, steaming them for 6 to 10 minutes, and then they're done. Yup. That easy. That simple.


Thai-Coconut-Mussels-with-Toasted-Coriander-Garlic-Buttered-Sourdough_Smor-Kitchen_Jaharn-Quinn Thai-Coconut-Mussels-with-Toasted-Coriander-Garlic-Buttered-Sourdough_Smor-Kitchen_Jaharn-Quinn 


Why you are going to love this recipe 

There are so many ways you can flavour mussels, with the most popular being a tomato base. But this recipe is all about the coconut oil, red Thai curry paste, coconut milk and white wine. And let's not forget about the torn coriander leaves, smashed lemongrass, freshly grated ginger, and crushed garlic. This sauce is everything. It's spicy, it's creamy and it's loaded with all the flavours we love in a Thai curry.

But it doesn't stop there. 

I've also made Toasted Coriander Garlic Buttered Sourdough. When there's mussels, there's toasted sourdough for dipping. Typically sourdough is toasted with butter or extra virgin olive oil as the essential dipping partner for mussels. But I like to take things up a notch in the kitchen. This Toasted Coriander & Garlic Buttered Sourdough is the stuff dreams are made of and it packs a flavour punch as the sourdough soaks up the cosy, comforting, perfumed Thai coconut curry sauce. 


Thai-Coconut-Mussels-with-Toasted-Coriander-Garlic-Buttered-Sourdough_Smor-Kitchen_Jaharn-Quinn Thai-Coconut-Mussels-with-Toasted-Coriander-Garlic-Buttered-Sourdough_Smor-Kitchen_Jaharn-Quinn

Thai-Coconut-Mussels-with-Toasted-Coriander-Garlic-Buttered-Sourdough_Smor-Kitchen_Jaharn-Quinn Thai-Coconut-Mussels-with-Toasted-Coriander-Garlic-Buttered-Sourdough_Smor-Kitchen_Jaharn-Quinn


This recipe is so simply, trust me

It is, I promise. It starts by adding coconut oil, red Thai curry paste, garlic and ginger to a hot pot. Once the ingredients start smelling fragrant and all things nice, it's time to add the coconut cream and white wine, and bring it to a simmer. Then you simply add the mussels, place the lid over the pot and let us steam for 6 to 10 minutes. While this is happening, make that yummy Toasted Coriander & Garlic Buttered Sourdough for dipping, and the best mussels of your life will be ready. 

This is the perfect spring and summertime recipe, in less than 30 minutes. True story. All you need to do is add a refreshingly ice cold beer or glass of white wine, sit back in the warm sun and enjoy.


Thai-Coconut-Mussels-with-Toasted-Coriander-Garlic-Buttered-Sourdough_Smor-Kitchen_Jaharn-Quinn Thai-Coconut-Mussels-with-Toasted-Coriander-Garlic-Buttered-Sourdough_Smor-Kitchen_Jaharn-Quinn 


Secret tips for success

  • Cook your mussels in coconut oil. Not butter, not sesame oil, not olive oil. The addition of coconut oil drums up the flavour in the curry paste and coconut cream like you wouldn't believe. 
  • Don't like coriander? Swap it for parsley. 
  • Most local seafood shops now stock bags of freshly packed mussels. I prefer to support local seafood suppliers as the seafood is always fresh, it's caught locally or it's shipped within a day. If you live on the Sunshine Coast, I always get my seafood from the Noosa Seafood Market and they have bags of mussels for $15 (which is enough mussels for two people). If you don't have access to a local seafood shop that stocks fresh mussels, Coles also sells mussels but they go fast (so I was told by a Coles team member in the seafood section). Make sure you plan ahead just in case. If you live in Brisbane, I can recommend Morgan's Seafood in Scarborough; it's incredible! 


Thai-Coconut-Mussels-with-Toasted-Coriander-Garlic-Buttered-Sourdough_Smor-Kitchen_Jaharn-Quinn Thai-Coconut-Mussels-with-Toasted-Coriander-Garlic-Buttered-Sourdough_Smor-Kitchen_Jaharn-Quinn 

A little note from me

Thank you so much for taking the time to read through this recipe. I hope you enjoyed it and feel inspired to head down to your local fish monger or seafood shop to grab some mussels and make dinner tonight, or lunch over the weekend! If you have any questions about this recipe, please let me know by emailing me at You can also stay in touch with me by following along on Instagram and Pinterest. Happy cooking!

And for those wanting to know, the linen table cloths and napkins featured in these images is from I Love Linen, and they're absolutely gorgeous!