Zingy Lemon Bundt Cake

Oh. My. Guess what I’ve made four times in the last two months? My Zingy Lemon Bundt Cake. If I had to live off one cake for the rest of my life, this is it. And that's kind of a big deal. This cake is vibrant, fresh and darlingly a little sweet thanks to the smooth and velvety vanilla buttercream topped with edible flowers and dried slices of citrusy lemon. But get this. It's so divine, and light, and zingy that it doesn't make you feel guilty when you go back for seconds, and thirds. Also, this is THE cake to make for Mother's Day. I guarantee she'll love it. The only thing I can't guarantee is if she'll let you take any leftovers home.


Zingy-Lemon-Bundt-Cake-Recipe-by-Jaharn-Quinn-from-Smor-Kitchen Zingy-Lemon-Bundt-Cake-Recipe-by-Jaharn-Quinn-from-Smor-Kitchen


Would all the lemon lovers please stand up? Hi hi! Welcome to the Lemon Love Club. I love lemon, and I have to admit I am a little aggressive when it comes to adding lemon to cakes. I guess what I am trying to say is that I am that girl who adds more lemon juice, and more lemon zest until it's perfectly zingy and vibrant - like a pleasant citrus disco in your mouth.


Zingy-Lemon-Bundt-Cake-Recipe-by-Jaharn-Quinn-from-Smor-Kitchen Zingy-Lemon-Bundt-Cake-Recipe-by-Jaharn-Quinn-from-Smor-Kitchen


What is a bundt cake? 

A bundt cake is simply a cake that is simply baked in a bundt pan, which is distinctly shaped like a ring with fluted or grooved sides, leaving a cylindrical hole through the centre of the cake. By using a bundt pan, it allows more of the cake to be in contact with the edges of the pan, and therefore the heat is transferred more evenly leaving a lovely brown crust around the edges. For this recipe, I used a bundt pan that I found in a charity shop! The best bunt pans are by far the range from Nordic Ware, which you can find on Williams Sonoma in Australia. If you don't have a bundt pan, then it's not really a bundt cake as it's all about the shape. So I highly recommend buying one if you can.


Zingy-Lemon-Bundt-Cake-Recipe-by-Jaharn-Quinn-from-Smor-Kitchen Zingy-Lemon-Bundt-Cake-Recipe-by-Jaharn-Quinn-from-Smor-Kitchen


Why you are going to love this Lemon Bundt Cake!

  • I have been working on this recipe for months and therefore I have made sure it's easy to follow.
  • This is the cake you make for someone you truly love. It shows them how much care you took to make something so utterly beautiful and more importantly, delicious. 
  • It's so fresh, and light, and zingy that it's going to leave you wanting more. It doesn't make you feel sick after one slice; if anything, blink and you'll be back for seconds and thirds before you know it.
  • While the cake is a citrus lemony bomb, the vanilla buttercream pulls it back and balances out this cake to perfection.
  • It's important you use a bundt pan for this recipe, otherwise it won't work. So do invest in one if you can or try to find something similar and less expensive, like this pan or this pan.
  • Taking the cake out of the pan is a lot of fun but it can be a bit scary - even I'll admit that! Remember to thoroughly grease your pan with butter before adding the batter to the pan. This step is very important. 
  • You can store this cake in an airtight container in the fridge for up to 7 days. But better yet, I recommend slicing any leftovers (shock horror if this is the case!), wrapping each individual slice in clingfilm and freezing for up to 3 months. When you're looking for a something sweet but light (and not decadent like chocolate), simply take a slice from the freezer and let it thaw on the kitchen bench for 5 to 10 minutes. If anything, I think it actually tastes better chilled!


Zingy-Lemon-Bundt-Cake-Recipe-by-Jaharn-Quinn-from-Smor-Kitchen Zingy-Lemon-Bundt-Cake-Recipe-by-Jaharn-Quinn-from-Smor-Kitchen


Have I convinced you to make my Zingy Lemon Bundt Cake this week or for Mother's Day? I hope so! Let's get cooking. And if you love my recipe (fingers crossed), I would love you to leave a 5 star rating below. Huge thank you's in advance! And did you know? You can also stay in touch with me by following along on Instagram and Pinterest.





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