Dustpan and Broom Set

Cleaning, but make it beautiful and plastic free!

Say farewell to your daggy, plastic one that you hide in your cupboard and say hello to your brand new Dustpan & Broom Set that you feel proud to show off and use. It's stylish, functional, practical and perfect for indoor and outdoor use.

It's made from painted FSC beechwood and bristle, and because of it's thin metal dustpan, don't expect to be sweeping under your dustpan again, and again, and again. No one has time for that! We're all about a fast and efficient clean up over here. Our Dustpan & Broom Set also comes with leather hanging straps for easy storage, which means you don't need to hide it away as it looks beautiful hanging in your pantry, laundry, kitchen or linen cupboard.


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