Compost Bin

A brilliant compost for your kitchen. 

Do you like the idea of composting but haven’t tried it because it seems too difficult? Well, not anymore thanks to this easy, stylish and minimalist Compost Bin that will look good in any kitchen. 

Put simply, composting breaks down organic matter, such as vegetable food scraps. You could throw your scraps in the council bin, or you can set up your own composting system, like this easy Compost Bin, and use the organic waste to improve the quality of your soil and make your garden healthier at no extra cost. 

What can you compost? Vegetable food scraps (coffee grounds, lettuce, potato peels, banana peels, avocado skins, etc.)

This Compost Bin has a plastic liner with handle that pulls out, keeping the metal handle clean and able to wash easily.