Native Salt and Pepper Set

The hero of Native bush ingredients - Saltbush and Tasmanian Pepperberry - come together to create this truly unique Salt and Pepper Set for Smør Kitchen.



Just like your everyday salt, but better. 

Saltbush is salty, yet uniquely soft and earthy to Australia. It is used as a substitute to traditional salt or enjoyed as a unique seasoning when combined with our other herbs and spices.

Use fresh leaves in salads or as a bed for roasting meats (it's great with lamb) or fish, toss them into stir-fries, dip them in batter and fry them, or use the dried leaves as a seasoning. By Kakadu Plum.



Tasmanian Pepperberry 

Just like your everyday pepper, but spicier and better. 

Tasmanian Pepperberry, also known as Mountain Pepper, is native to Tasmania.

It is a spicy alternative to traditional black pepper with a subtle fruity flavour. With antioxidant properties, it is a versatile spice that will add a unique flavour to savoury and sweet dishes.

Use sparingly as a little pinch has an intense bite. Even better! By Kakadu Plum.