Cookware Starter Kit

Enjoy cooking in the kitchen, and the outdoors, with the best equipment by your side. 

Do you know someone who loved cooking and wants to learn more about cooking on cast iron? Or maybe you know someone who wants to try cooking outdoors but doesn't know where to start.

If this is the case, our Cookware Starter Kit is just for them. 


1 x Cast Iron Skillet 

The perfect pan for cooking anything delicious. 

Cooking for your family and friends deserves the perfect pan. And this is it. Our pre-seasoned 26cm Lodge Cast Iron Skillet has a premium cast iron surface to allow you can easily prepare a shakshuka from the stovetop to the oven, cook up a sumptuous paella and pasta, or give your weekend French toast a crisp top.

All you need to do is give it a simple wash with hot water, dry and season with a spray of olive oil, you will enjoy having the Lodge Logic Cast Iron Skillet for years of delightful cooking - at home and the outdoors. 

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1 x Striped Cotton Tea Towel

A tea towel is one of the most used items in the kitchen, and our gorgeous striped cotton tea towels are not only beautiful and functional, they wash and wear very well over time. Linen gets better when it's washed, becoming both softer and absorbent with more use. 

Use for table settings as a napkin and/or placement, for drying dishes, polishing,  wiping bench tops, and for wrapping and storing food. Our linen tea towels are a great gift!

(Cotton striped tea towel not pictured)


1 x Wooden Spatula 

The ultimate cooking companion, this simple Wooden Spatula is perfect for everyday use in the kitchen or outdoors. It's great for stirring, and scraping food around the bottom of saucepans, cast-iron skillets, pots and frypans.

It has a round handle and is made from FSC Beechwood, which means the Beechwood comes from Forest Stewardship Council certified forests, or from post-consumer waste.

Measurements: 35cm L. The grain of each Wooden Spatula will vary.


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