Enamel Mug

This iconic and timeless Falcon mug is made from long lasting enamel. It's manufactured from heavyweight steel and thick enamel for durability. It's perfect for indoor and outdoor use - enjoy a hot cup of tea around a campfire, use for cold drinks or wine at a picnic or the beach, and can be used in the oven or over a fire while cooking, of course. 


Product Details

This mug is 8.5cm tall, holds 350ml and is sold individually.

Oven safe (up to 270C). Freezer friendly. Dishwasher safe. Can be cleaned by washing gently with a mild detergent. Suitable for gas or electric hobs. PTFE and PFOA Safe.

Not for microwave use. Avoid using abrasive sponges or brushes as this may scratch the surface. Use metal utensils with care to prevent scratching. Coating your enamelware in a light layer of oil before cooking can help with cleaning after use. 

Just like any other ceramic, the outer porcelain layer can chip if dropped, revealing the steel beneath it. When this happens the steel below naturally oxidises and the enamelware remains safe to use. Plus, in our opinion, it gains a little more character.

Falcon enamelware has been designed in England since the 1920s.