Wooden Dish Drying Rack

Dish drying rack, but make it practical and beautiful. It's a common discussion in many households across Australia about who is going to do the dishes, so why not make it a little more stylish with our Wooden Dish Drying Rack.

This isn't an ordinary Wooden Dish Drying Rack, the two tier design allows plenty of room for dishes and cutlery to dry. The base features four feet to ensure stability. But the most notable function of this Wooden Dish Drying Rack is that it can be folded down flat for easy storage, which means, it's also perfect to use while cooking outdoors and of course, when you go camping. No more plates littering your outdoor camp kitchen.

Our Wooden Dish Drying Rack is made from 100% Beechwood and would suit many kitchens aesthetics - modern, country, mid century, contemporary, eclectic, and industrial.

Details: Made in Germany. 40cm x 34cm x 5cm.


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